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Explore the possibility of bringing a Cookie Cutters franchise hair salon to a location near you.

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We train our operators using our confidential operations guide that was developed over many years using input from all our network of operators and employees.

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Cookie Cutters provides franchisees with a customized system that consists...
Cookie Cutters: The franchise of choice


Cookie Cutters is the most unique kids’ haircutting franchise, and with over 20 years experience we know what owning a franchise is all about. Our unique store design includes an in-store playground and video games, making a Cookie Cutters haircut a truly interactive experience. With our fantasy chairs that are only available to Cookie Cutters franchisees, our system is designed to keep children coming back to your salon again and again.
A sound investment in a significant business, the Cookie Cutters franchise program offers an excellent opportunity. Naturally, you’ll want to evaluate your chances for financial success. You will want to make sure that, for your time, money, and effort put into the business you will be justly rewarded. The vast majority of all franchise outlets that succeed do so because they have a franchisor’s knowledge and trademark working for them.
At Cookie Cutters, we help you compete by providing the tools you will need to keep your franchised business running smoothly and profitably.
Join our system today! We can turn your desire to own and operate a small business into reality. Cookie Cutters is growing rapidly, so be sure to become part of our international growth!